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Mizanur Rahman (BSc. EE, Chicago, USA)

Founder Principal

Our Islamic scholars were informed of this situation and they observed it in great depth and later on gave us suggestions and guidelines: “Do not give your children to those hands who do not have DEEN (Islamic faith) in their life” and they also said “build such Academic Schools within the Islamic environment where Islamic character development comes first, Islamic and Quranic education is a must and also top academic education is guaranteed.

Again, we must be very serious in following the guidelines as prescribed by our Islamic scholars. Our Academic education is guaranteed to be unique in excellence and maintained the national and international standard but at the same time, we must maintain the Islamic ethics and values. We believe in a complete education system, which provides physical, psychological, emotional, character and spiritual development of our children.

Our vision is to develop and promote a world-class educational system within the Islamic environment, and to further develop and implement progressive programs nationally, internationally and around the world InshaAllah.