Rules & Regulation


The minimum age requirement for the entry level classes is as bellow:



(as on or before the first day of school, certain exceptions may be considered)

PG (Play Group)


NS (Nursery)


KG (Kindergarten)


  1. From class one & upper; girls and boys classes are separated under female & male teachers’ management.
  2. Students who came from other schools to admit from KG to upper-level classes; needs to go through an oral/ written examination to confirm the admission.
  3. The academic year is from January to December. Admission for a new academic year starts from the month of November and shall end by March. Re-admission for a new academic year is starting just after the final exam and shall end by 1st week of February. After this time an old student has to take new admission by March. No new admission/ readmission will be taken after March and before November except special written approval from Principal; in his absence from vice principal.
  4. Documents Requirement: The documents listed in the admission form will have to be provided by the parent(s)/guardian during admission.
  5. Any discount (as per set quota) in re/admission fee & monthly tuition fee for financially challenged families shall be given with written approval from management. 



  1. Students must arrive at school 10 minutes before the class starting time.
  2. Students are to greet their teachers with “Salaam” and enter school with their right foot.



  1. Parents/Guardians must take their children within 15 minutes of class dismissal.
  2. Students must stay in the designated area with their teachers quietly until their guardian’s arrival.
  3. Students will be released only after their parents /Guardians come to the school.



  1. Students’ attendance will be taken on a daily basis and recorded.
  2. Students arriving just after the class beginning time will be considered late and Tk. 20 will be charged as fine for first 10 minutes & Tk. 50 will be charged as fine for next 11-30 minutes.
  3. After 30 minutes; students will not be allowed to attend the class (without strong valid reason).
  4. For repetitive three late in a week; additional Tk. 100 will be charged as fine.



  1. School uniform is a must to attend the class.
  2. Sponge, Rubber chappal is not allowed in school.
  3. ID card is mandatory at school premises for all students.



  1. Monthly tuition fees shall be paid within 7th day of the month. 25 Tk fine per day will be charged for late payment after 7th day of the month. Parents have to submit application with valid reason for consideration.



  1. Sick Leave: Need to submit application with guardian’s Signature for one day leave. Doctor’s prescription photo copy has to submit for more than two days.
  2. Advance leave: Need to submit application by the guardians with valid reason and students can avail leave on prior approval.
  3. Parents must submit the application and documents within 3 days of availed leave, if not; the leave will be considered as unauthorized and 100 tk will be charged for each day.
  4. Continuous absence/Late coming may cause dismissal from the school.